An Impact Beyond Returns

Scattered in thoughts,
united in approach

We are a technology and innovation company with a strong focus on financial markets. You can think of financial markets as the mother of all our so-called “child” projects. These child projects use funding from the mother until they are self-sufficient and then go on to support their own child projects. Our child projects range from areas such as math and finance to science and engineering to only end with an artist’s touch.

We aren’t quite where we want to be, yet. But we’ll get there. Definitely!

The Principles that Matter Most →


The application of data and automation to provide cutting-edge functionality.


The creative destruction of products and services to ensure sustainable development.


The sum of expertise from various fields to solve complex problems.


The ability to scale and to improve the human condition.

Breaking the ice concept of work

Our people are our greatest asset. We focus on cultivating and sustaining a diverse work environment and workforce, which is critical to bringing people, ideas and capital together to help the communities we serve.